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What an amazing year!

As we are winding down, it is fun to look back and see all the magic from this last year. And to think it has been Four Years. Already?!! Amazing... The time it does fly!

With all the events revitalizing we took the aerial rig and our stilt walking selves out into the world to share our glittery goodness with the community during:

  • Fourth of July

  • Ashland Pride

  • Tri 4 Youth

  • MonsterDash

  • ScienceWorks Monster Ball

  • Festival of Lights

  • Medford Open Streets


And then we managed to get our rigging points up on the wall at ScienceWorks in time to run a chilly Spring Break camp and make some dances so we could perform during the Earth Day celebrations!

And of course, Circus Aurora: Out of Time, our time traveling spring show (and rockin' 80's sound track) is still making us all smile to think how far the kids have come this year...and how excited we all are to keep going!

Getting stronger, supporting each other, having fun, building confidence, taking risks, having fun! The plans are laid, and next year will be even more fabulous!!

Always, our lives are so much better with you in it! So, come play this summer! We will be stilt-walking in the 4th of July Parade, and would love a contingent to join us on the ground (or on stilts!) - keep an eye out for more details!

Happy Flying!!

Sonya and the A3 Team


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