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If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

Upcoming Workshops

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Adaptive Aerial Workshop
for Typically Excluded Communities

Saturday January 20

This free workshop is for the Mad, Deaf, Neurodivergent, Disability community and anyone who has not felt comfortable in traditional circus or movement spaces. We will offer opportunities to try a variety of aerial apparatus (aerial silk, hammock, trapeze, etc.) to see what works best for each participant! Everything is optional.

All ages welcome. 

Access notes for the physical space are coming the week of the workshop.  Gender neutral bathroom. Relaxed environment with stim toys, ear plugs, sun glasses, and break spaces provided. If you would like to check out the space before the workshop or you have any questions about accessibility, or to sign up, please contact Sonya is also available via telephone by request. 


After you sign up, closer to the workshop date, you will receive detailed information about what to expect.



Image: a photo collage with six photos of Disabled people/people with disabilities doing various forms of circus arts. Some of them are in the air performing acrobatics, some are in human pyramids and  one has a wheelchair held above their head.

A montage of photographs shows many students of the Mad, Deaf, Neurodivergent, Disability community demonstrating  a variety of circus skills including partner acrobatics, aerial hoop, and aerial silks.
# white female bodied students goof off while wearing stilts.
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It is time to Roam Tall!  7 weeks at the studio to build skill and be ready for a possible Halloween outdoor walk. Class is limited to 6 participants.

Participants are eligible for discounted pricing in a bulk stilt order from if they would like to purchase their own stilts.  

Prerequisites: For all students over 4'10" tall of any experience level to gain the experience of walking and dancing on stilts. 

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With Sonya

Underwater? On the Moon? In a Johnny Jump Up? Bungee can take you there! Three weeks of bouncing fun, and the chance to learn a hilarious, seasonally appropriate bit of bungee choreography.

$55/$20 Drop-in

Prerequisites: None

A white female bodied woman spreads her arms and legs wide while suspended midair. A harness on her wais is attached to a bungee cable on each hip.

Past Workshops

Save Your Shoulders IG_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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With Sonya Smith & Dr. Noah Volz

Saturday June 42-5pm


Sonya Smith and Dr. Noah Volz are collaborating to offer aerialists, climbers and other shoulder-using people tools to assess shoulder strength, prevent injuries and increase your capacity to do what you love.

We will begin with an overview of the structure and function of the shoulder

Then we will learn the same assessment and diagnostic procedures that Dr. Noah Volz uses with patients. 

Sonya Smith will then offer targeted active strength exercises that address common gaps  in shoulder strength, stability and flexibility.

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With Seanna Sharpe

Saturday March 12
4:00-9:00 pm


4:00pm Stretch & Flex

5:00pm Smooth Silks

(6:00pm break)

7:00pm Aerial Dance on Silk, Lyra and Cloudswing

8:00pm Creating a Performance

 $35 each $120 for all 4

A black poster with white text features an image of a white woman on aerial hoop wearing knee high white socks and draped in a lot of white organza and tulle fabric.
A white female bodied woman stands on the thighs of a squatting white male bodied man. The two are juggling one poi in each hand, which is a soft juggling ball in a long fabric tube.
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With Jimmy Linenberger & Maggie Racich

Friday Jan 21st & 28th
5:30-7 pm

Juggling -- make a set of juggling balls to bring home!

Details to come

Friday 1/21/22


Poi spinning 

Details to come

Friday 1/28/22


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Saturday Sep 18th & 25th
9 - 10 am


$25 Drop-in


Injury prevention for people who use their shoulders! Get back in the air smarter. Learn essential anatomy and exercises for safe aerial practice, from warm-ups through pull ups. Information is cumulative between the two sessions. Come away with a juicy warm up, quick and dirty core workout, and a delicious cool down to stretch and integrate those shoulders.

No Prerequisites.

A poster for the injury prevention workshop features a white female bodied woman lecturing to a group of students.
Six students sit on tiered concrete steps, all wear stilts and long black and white striped pants while looking up at the sky as if mesmerized.
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Saturdays September 18th- 30th
9 - 10 am

$110 for the session


It is time to Roam Tall!  7 weeks at the studio to build skill and be ready for the possibility of a final Halloween walk. For all students over 4'10" tall of any experience level to gain the experience of walking and dancing on stilts. Class is limited to 6 participants.

No Prerequisites.

$110 – for the session.

A poster features aerialst Chris Spiteri, both on aerial chains and upside down on aerial silks with blue face paint.
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With Chris Spiteri

Saturday Sep 18th, 2-5 pm
Sunday Sep 19th, 12-3 pm

Chris Spiteri is on tour from the Bay Area offering two workshops to dive into vertical joy! Our more experienced students are invited to play with wheeldowns or get wrapped up in the sling with new choreography and transitions.


Wheel Down Whimsy

Adult/Teen advanced ilks workshop

You spent hours and hours and hours working on this awesome skill, but now what? You want more than just climbing to the top of your silks and doing wheel downs till you run out of space. This is the workshop for you!  Start with short add ons to your entrances and exits, then put your skills to the test stacking multiple drops, using wheel downs as a transitional phrase in sequences, and most of all, having fun! *This workshop requires a minimum working height of 18 ft!! Ask about a modified curriculum if your aerial points are lower than 20 ft.

Twisted Up

Adult/Teen intermediate hammock/sling  workshop

Hammock is a never-ending journey of twists and turns. Learn 4-5 winding sequences that take you from bottom to top and all around the apparatus, making shapes, elegant lines, and dynamic moments. Mix, match, and modify these sequences to your heart's content, creating endless choreography options!

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