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Ashland Aerial Arts is a Host Studio for the Paper Doll Militia Remote Teacher Training. We encourage and provide support for our instructors and community to enhance their craft through professional development. Participants attend the Paper Doll Militia Teacher Training and Certificate program at our approved facility.

To find out more about the Paper Doll Militia Teacher Training Program visit the website


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Accessibility and Disability in Aerial Arts

Sunday 11/12-Friday 11/17


Ashland Aerial Arts is proud to host Erin Ball and Maxime Beauregard (bringing lived experience presentations in relaxed environments, autism, and transgender inclusion) for their in-person course: Accessibility and Disability in  Aerial Arts. This 25-hour teacher training is for coaches who want to consider access in their teaching practices and understand how to break down some of the inherent ableism (and some of its intersections) in circus arts. Participants will expand their knowledge to strive to offer more inclusive ways of teaching through lectures, discussions, resources, and practical aerial applications. The course culminates in a workshop offered to communities who have typically been excluded from circus arts.

Sliding scale $250-600 – is subsidized by Ashland Aerial Arts

Proposed schedule

Sunday 11/12

12:30-6 (with a 30 minute break)

Monday 11/13

9-2:30 (with a 30 minute break)

Tuesday 11/14

9-2:30 (with a 30 minute break)


Wednesday 11/15 off


Thursday 11/16

9-2:30 (with a 30 minute break)

Friday 11/17

2-5pm (with a break/set up)

5-7 Workshop

7-7:30 wrap up

A flyer with registration information and the image of a covered rope is suspended from above. About half a story high, Erin Ball, a white demifemme and double below knee amputee, is wrapped with the rope and upside down, reaching down to the mannequin legs below. The mannequin legs are open at the top and on a platform with wheels. Fake green plants and vines flow out of the top of the legs.


In this critical disability studies informed teacher laboratory, we will explore practical applications of identity-based theory within dance. The training is designed for dance educators who are interested in exploring and expanding teaching practices and paradigms to include a variety of people and bodies.


The lab and curriculum designed and facilitated by Bailey Anderson with support from Le Cirque Centre’s Artistic Director, Sonya Smith, Rosely Conz, and Amanda Benzin. Together they bring technical expertise from aerial dance, rhythmic tap, jazz, to various forms of modern, improvisation, and classical ballet. We will be applying theory across disciplines and genres with a community that asks questions from various perspectives.


The certificate program includes 25 hours of critical
pedagogy discussion, practice, and application.

Click here for Full Instructor Bio Sheet

For more information, financial aid, and to see the schedule email Bailey at:

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