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Looking for a FUN way to get strong and limber

Come try out adult classes at Ashland Aerial Arts!

SOAR (Simply Overcoming Aerial Resistance!) 

Have you always wanted to try an Aerial class, but think you aren't strong enough? Think again!


This is the perfect class for you. Aimed for the 30+ crowd who can't do a pull up, we will build the strength you want, while you are distracted by the fun of flying!

The Aerial Experience

Our classes are intimate, customized, and a whole lot of fun. No matter how strong (or not!) you think your arms and core are, we can help you experience the joy of aerial fitness. 

Get ready to get strong, limber, and HAPPY with a fitness class that flies by so fast you'll be bummed when the hour is up! 

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 7 - 8 PM on Mondays

8:45 - 9:45 AM on Wednesdays

$55 for a Month of Classes of $20 to drop in 



Ashland Aerial Arts is committed to challenging people of all ages to build confidence in their physical capacity and creative impulses in space where people of all races, gender expressions, abilities, religions and national origins can engage in learning aerial arts and self-expression safely.


Our adult classes are focused on bringing a whole new experience of movement to people who might be bored with their normal routine. 

Our teachers are thrilled to show you just how capable of flying you already are. 

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  • Aerial Classes for youth and adults utilizing Silks, Dance and Static Trapeze, Lyra, Bungee, Rope and harness, Sling, and more.

  • Company classes for serious youth performers interested in deepening skill and artistry.

  • An end of the year school performance at the studio.


  • Special events, birthday parties and works in progress showings. 

  • Come check us out! We would love to show you how to FLY! 

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