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Classes to resume September 8th 2020!

Thank you all for such an amazing summer! I am inspired to continue our work together, safely building strength, resilience and sharing joy in the studio. Classes are limited to 8 students, so they will fill up! Registration for fall is open! Here are a few words about new class names:  Beginning Birds All new students and those who have done a camp or two are welcome in the age-appropriate class to master the fundamentals and some personal style before graduating to a sea creature (as opposed to the next bird class)!

  • Hummingbirds (5-6yrs) Thursday 3:30-4:30 pm

  • Swallow (7-8yrs) Monday 3:30-4:30 pm

  • Heron (9-11yrs) Saturday 9-10 am

  • Eagle (12+ yrs) Thursday 6:30-7:30pm

Intermediate Sea Creatures

With fundamentals under their belts, students are challenged with more advanced skills and longer sequences in the air in the intermediate classes. Students work through these classes sequentially until they are ready (and interested) for the larger commitment of joining the company classes.

  • Sea Otter (6-7yrs) Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm

  • Dolphin (8-9yrs) Tuesday 4:45-5:45pm

  • Narwhal (10-12yrs) Thursday 4:45-6:15pm

  • Orca (13+ yrs) Friday 3:30-5pm

Company Classes

Serious students with a strong interest in performing, mastery of skills, and dedication to creativity in the air will be invited to join our two-hour company classes.

  • The Novice Company is the first step.

  • The Apprentice Company will add a second day of training each week as they refine skills, build strength, and occasionally are included in support roles with the Empyrean Aerialists.

  • The Empyrean Aerialists train three times a week preparing for performance opportunities.

Adult Classes

  • SOAR Over 30 (feel over 30?) Monday 7-8:30 - Beginning aerial on mixed apparatus.

  • Adult Aerial (all ) Tuesday 7:15-8:45pm - Mixed level and mixed apparatus.

Imagining [&] Flight:

  • Wednesday (8-11yrs) 12-3pm

  • Friday (5-8yrs) 12-3pm


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