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February 2021 Updates & Studio Fixes!

We have had a month of this new year, filled with all kinds of adventures in the world and in the studio. Thanks to all who donated in December, you are making it possible for us to come back strong!

Restrictions are slowly easing, so if folks are interested in private ($60-80/hour) or semi-private (up to 4 students $40/hour/person) classes, that could be possible in February.

My plan (and hope!) is that we can REOPEN IN MARCH with our small 8-person classes and pods! Registration will open February 1.

Finally, the studio is getting spiffy. The bathroom ceiling is repaired from our Christmas Day leak. The mess also inspired replacing the entryway carpet. I am so excited they make that stuff from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles! Recycling, yay, (and "plastic" carpet doesn't grow stinky mildew)!

See you soon in the studio!




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