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A Sinister Soirée

Updated: May 22

We were rolling into 2024, with a bit of snow and the winter crud to remind us to rest! Take care of each other out there!

On February 3 our Performance Company presented a brand new show,

The Sinister Soiree: An Aerial Murder Mystery

Saturday February 3, 3pm and 7 pm

These incredible young people were hard at work creating choreography, designing costumes and props, and coming up with amazing storytelling ideas to share with you!  This performance was a fundraiser to support their summer tour to San Francisco for the SF Aerial Arts Festival! 

We start our story with the Twins before the gala ball that evening.

The Ball

Our first character has been Murdered!!!!

Call the Detectives. There's been a Murder!

The Detectives.

The Lovers.

Murder Number 2!

The Woman.

The Aristocrat.

Another Murder! Making it 3

The Staff and The Quiet One...


The Professor.

The Séance to find a killer...With Ghost


Who will be the next victim......




Photo Credit: Kristan Kelly Images

Thank You OSF for the use of the Props!!


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