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Happy Holidays A3 Family!

As the snow falls, I am wishing you all a healthy, happy holiday season celebrating as you do!

2021 has been quite the ride! We started the year shut down, with a flood in the bathroom and adventures in laying carpet. We ramped up in the spring and had a great summer camp season, in spite of heat, smoke and social distancing. We were even out of our masks for that quick moment in July!

Rebranding Happened!

Special thanks to all the students who got creative on our unique apparatus, as we searched for the perfect image for the new Ashland Aerial Arts logo. Can you see it (it is backwards!)? Fall classes filled up, and Winter Break camp finished brilliantly just before the snow arrived. We have added new classes to start in January. Check the website for Chickadees, Straps, more Hummingbirds and Open Gym times.

End of the Year Support for Ashland Aerial Arts

Thanks for considering Ashland Aerial Arts for your non-profit year end contributions. We are building our youth scholarship fund to make aerial arts available to everyone regardless of race, financial limits, gender, religion, and ability. A3 is a fiscally sponsored project of Zaccho Dance Theatre, a 501c3 arts organization based in San Francisco, and therefore can accept tax-deductible donations. Donate through PayPal below or checks, with a memo identifying Ashland Aerial Arts, can be mailed to: Zaccho Dance Theatre 1777 Yosemite Ave, #330, San Francisco, CA 94124 Sharing positive words about A3 is invaluable! People read reviews on Google and Facebook. Please click below and share the joy.

As a final gift for the end of the year, here is your Move of the Month! Active Rest in a season of busy. Take some laying-down time on the floor when you can.

The video guides you though 11 minutes of actively resting (after the 2 minute introduction).

We wish you a healthy, cozy, holiday season!


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